I have only received good comments, some quite heart-warming and mostly from physiotherapists. A few are:

“fabulous” (Physio)       “amazing” (Physio)      “the B2N’s are great” (Physio)

"hell, this is great” (Physio)  

“It is extremely empowering” (Physio)

“net wat ek wil hê vir my rug” (US atleet)

“Well, it fixed my back” (long term sceptic)

“This is so fascinating, so powerful” (Physio)

“The customers just LOVE them” (Physio secy)

“Thank you – these are magic”  (Private)

“awesome! – gives my fingers a break”  (Physio) 

“O-o-h this is l-o-o-v-ely!” (Maternity nursing sister )

“Great feedback from clients -Best wishes” ..(Osteopath)

“…...going well, thanks, they’re definitely a hit” (Physio)

“My clients are very impressed with your product” (Pilates Instructress)

“Jirra, dit was darem lekker!” (Tannie after a shoulder and back massage)

“Oh, yes, this is lovely. I can see why people enjoy them so much” ( Physio)

“I have already had my girlfriend use it on me with fantastic effect!!”  (male nurse)

“Ek is baie beindruk. Toe jy klaar my rug maseer het wou ek sommer bly lê” (Physio)

“Some find it a bit prickly on the skin – others just LOVE them!” (Pilates Instructress)

“Thank you for showing me your wonderful product. I am sold, love it.” (Massage Therapist)

“I tested it on two friends, they LOVED IT! Thanks again for the b2n’s” (Massage Therapist)

“Three times a day I’m on my back, on the floor, on my B2N, watching TV” (60 year old Jewellery student)

“…I am desperate to buy a second pair as we use it so much…” (Private, Westville Durban).

 “Its already working, and it’s the first time. I can feel it in my neck” (rugby player being treated by physio)

 “Please could you let me have the additional exercises as we are so enjoying this B2N and it has improved my husbands tension remarkanley[sic].  thanks so much” (Private )


My mom had benefited greatly from using your B2N and now an aunt of mine would like one sent to her as well please.” (Discovery Health)


“Just to let you know how impressed I am with the BTN muscle massager. It works so well and is so easy to use.  I am very impressed with your 'invention'” (school secretary)

“I have had a uniformly positive response to the massagers – it’s very funny watching people’s expressions when they first get a back massage – the face literally melts into relaxation and a floppy grin appears. One of the recipients was a medical doctor and he has been ecstatic” (Company secretary)

“……says she finds your back massager is working well.  She is a very dedicated physio with such a good reputation.” (e-mail from nursing sister on physio )


"they are really really working. They are so nice for farmer on his tractor - even gave one to the labourers harvesting" (beauty & health care therapist)  


“Is it possible that this could be working already? I’ve tried it once on this sore leg of mine and it seems to be much easier”  (farmer)


“You know, I have this bad back and all I do now on these roads is put a massager behind my back so it massages while we bounce along – but it really inspires me. It sort of energises me and makes me feel so good” (artist-baker-naturist on his bad road journeys)

“Thanks so much for that "roller"…… I have used it several times and find it very good and much better than the old sock treatment that I was using”


“Jinne, man, this thing WRAGTAG  WORKS. I had it in the middle of my back yesterday and now I feel I can play golf again! Every morning I wake up with a sore back but today I feel just fine” (Golf course green keeper)  


 “Yesterday my husband had terrible lower back muscle spasms after gardening and as a last resort I used the massager on him. It was marvellous – just like going to a physiotherapist! Now he’s fine” (retired couple)


"Thanks for your awesome simple back massages. The Chiro in Hermanus used one on me and its brilliant. I needed to get some for my friends (everyone who tries it wants one!), but...(Chiropractor) has none left and I bought the last two from the health shop. Thanks again, this has been a great help for my neck problems. Thanks very much."


 “ons geniet almal die massagers, maar die fisio se 47 jaar oue hande is die dankbaarste van almal!”    

“we all enjoy the massagers, but this physio’s 47 year old hands are the most thankful of all”  


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