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Old faithful – what folks, especially physios, continue to enjoy –slightly used shorter fibre tennis balls giving a unique yield. May not be dyed.

Some like them hard! - New, hard, yellow tennis balls, almost unyielding. Be sure to grip these close to the balls for maximum effect. 

Some like the hairless rubber – although slightly softer than the original, being smaller they give greater point pressure e.g. for the neck. Colours vary.

A tennis ball size rubber substitute for the original red one (Old Faithful) with the same "give" / yield. Easy to wash and dry. May be pink!  




  • Store in a cool place e.g. not on a windowsill in the hot sun or on the back seat window ledge of a vehicle. 
  • For greater hand PRESSURE hold B2N close to each ball ie not at end of rod. If rolled while the rod is bent, it may snap!
  • To MOVE either ball hold the rod and one ball with one hand and twist the other back and forth while either pushing in or pulling out. Repeated movement is discouraged since the balls may loosen.
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